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We are loyal to our team members and practice flexibility in scheduling as we understand firsthand the time pressures associated with reconciling work, childcare and family life. We strive to empower all of our team members by providing a safe environment to support their desire for growth and opportunity in the work place.  Our office regularly welcomes our children, spouses, and parents to stop by for a visit. This openness extends to our business associates and clients. Every so often, you might be greeted by Boo, our cute Yo-Chon, who comes to provide some pet therapy for all those who desire a kiss and a wag! 

We value relationships. We are known in the professional community to treat all with civility and respect. Our style is to negotiate and litigate with poise, patience, firmness, integrity, and creativity.  Credibility is our stock in trade. We do not mislead or twist the truth as we believe it is in contradiction to the principled way to practice law. In staying true to these values, we can maintain the high level of professionalism that we pride ourselves on and attain our client’s goals.

Practice Areas

  • Real Estate
  • Estates & Trust Administration
  • Corporate & Business Law
  • Bankruptcy & Restructuring 
  • Creditors' Rights
  • Taxation

Mission & Vision

Village of Williamsville, New York


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We understand that clients prefer to know what the cost of a service will be up front. We try to provide flat fees for services when possible.

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